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How to guest post for Nurse First

We’d love guest bloggers to feel at home here contributing to our Nurse First blog.

Our blog is fun, challenging and focussed on healthcare, innovation and leadership. We produce high-quality posts that are interesting, relevant, informative and engaging for our audiences.

Posts are published on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only and are promoted via twitter, facebook our scoop it page and stumble upon.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post, please introduce yourself by contacting us at

Please include the following:

Idea and title of the proposed post
A link to your personal blog and/or links to any written material you wish us to see to get an idea of your style.

We will get back to you and if your idea is accepted we would like you to submit your post to

We only accept original content and request first publication of all posts. Please do not send us material which has appeared elsewhere. Posts should be non-promotional.  We do not accept paid inbound links or any promotional links other than what we deem appropriate and tasteful in the author bio which appears at the bottom of each post.

Posts should be written and submitted by individuals, not companies. NO SPAM PLEASE!

Please include a 2-4 sentence bio for use with your post. This should be as recent and up-to-date as possible as bios cannot be changed once they are set.  Please include links to your personal social media profiles. This short bio will appear along with your post, giving you the attention you deserve with links to your website and personal social media profiles. The bio should be written about you as an individual and not for a company.

Please submit your post as an MS Word or simple text document, the simpler the better. We will let you know at least a week in advance the date we are proposing to publish the post and would be most grateful if you could publicise it on your own social media outlets; we will do so on ours too.

We would also ask you to respond in person to any comments on your post as soon as possible.

Any work published on the Nurse First site is owned by Nurse First. You are free to republish your post as long as you follow our republishing guidelines.


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