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Sensing and intuition – The Thing versus the Green Lantern

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In my last blog on preferences I focussed on the difference between introversion and extraversion usingBatman and Ironman as my two examples.

In this blog I am discussing how you take information in and whether you are a big picture person or a detail person. I will be using The Thing and Green Lantern as my examples today.

Someone with a preference for Sensing (S) is practical, down to earth and very much grounded in the here and now. They like detail and tell it how it is focussing on facts and on what works now. If you ask this person to describe a Pine Tree they will say something like it is a Pine Tree.

Someone with a preference for Intuition (N) looks at possibilities and patterns, they focus on how to make things different and are very much into brainstorming and taking on new facts and learning. If you ask this person to describe the Pine Tree they may say something like it is a beautiful clear green which reminds me of the scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon where the two characters fight in the trees.

So onto our superheroes to throw some more light on these characteristics.

When Ben Grimm  (The Thing) is about to get married he leaves his wife at the altar because he realises that marrying a superhero is dangerous. He does not imagine possible alternatives but accepts the fact and acts on them even leaving his wife to be at the altar. He considers Reed Richards  superpowers as fitting because he is naturally tall and therefore can stretch his body, what you see is what you get in his eyes in terms of super powers. When he gets his powers he does not change his personality at all.

The Thing is a sensory being and his senses can withstand greater levels of stimulation than ordinary people except for his sense of touch. In the Civil War Ben has decided that civilians should not be harmed and even leaves the country for a while but on his return is oblivious to the war whilst he makes it his job to protect civilians. He has made a decision and he sticks to it after seeing the result of war on civilians so he has information in front of him, has processed it and taken a decision based on exactly what he witnessed.

On the other hand Green Lantern is a corp and a galactic police force, the responsibilities of the Green Lantern can be passed on to different people. Yet each retains the power ring which generates a variety of effects with the greater the users willpower the greater the effectiveness of the ring. Everything is about the imagination of the user and the rings give the bearers telepathy as an added bonus. The wearers of the ring have to use their imagination to consider possibilities and to communicate these to the ring. In the modern era Guardians of the Universe who are not part of the corp but run it can create duplicate rings giving each member of the corp different powers depending on their imagination.

Green Lantern has an oath which has given rise to a particularly funny Muppet trailer based on the oath, it is that kind of imaginative leap which a person with a preference for Intuition would enjoy.

In brightest day, in darkest nightNo evil shall escape my sight.Let those who laugh at my lack of heightBeware my banjo…Green Froggy’s light! 


Author: alirichards

I am a nurse who runs her own business and uses coaching techniques to help businesses with e-commerce. My interest is entirely in building relationships, which may be face to face or through online networking. I am an Associate of Nurse First.

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