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Why do we keep giving the same people jobs?

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This week the news was full of the CQC debacle concerning an ex Chief Executive of the CQC Cynthia Bower. 

According to the BBC  documents seen by the BBC show that officers in Cumbria asked to speak to Cynthia Bower and two other named officials at England’s health watchdog.

Police were investigating the death of baby Joshua Titcombe at the hospital.

But the CQC told police Ms Bower and a second official had no day-to-day involvement in the case.

This week an independent report into the CQC’s handling of events at the local health trust in Morecambe Bay was highly critical of the watchdog, listing a series of failures and “missed opportunities”.

The report also found evidence of an alleged cover-up, in which Ms Bower was said to be present at a meeting where an instruction was given to delete an internal review critical of the CQC.

Cynthia Bower was forced to resign from the CQC after the Winterbourne View scandal 

So we now know that she was involved in at least one cover up. Strangely she also appears to be the person in charge  of NHS West Midlands which included responsibility for Stafford Hospital. She has said of that that the situation at Stafford wasn’t on my radar. 

It begs the question how often people are recycled in the NHS and it’s surrounding organisations and how long this can be kept going? 

If the NHS is really going to change dont we need change at the top as well? Is it right that the same people get the top jobs and make the same mistakes and that some of these lead to deaths? 

There are some really good people in the NHS and some really bad and we need better mechanisms for weeding out the bad and promoting the good. 

What do you think? 


Author: alirichards

I am a nurse who runs her own business and uses coaching techniques to help businesses with e-commerce. My interest is entirely in building relationships, which may be face to face or through online networking. I am an Associate of Nurse First.

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